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Fire alarm with addressable and conventional For the greatest possible protection. Fire Systems operate with a full range of proven, high-performance, accuracy and ease-tof-use for building, personnel installers, and firefighters. that make its designed in simple way to handle.  Easy installation features, maintenance capabilities.


A fire suppression system is any product designed to stop a fire from spreading. It gets the name suppression system as it aims to hold back the fire and the damage it may cause. Preventing the fire from spreading mitigates losses and allows time for emergency personnel to respond. One example of a fire suppression system is a fire sprinkler system. Clean agent and dry chemical systems, like those offered by Firetrace also qualify as fire suppression systems.


Public Address (PA) Systems play a vital role in crisis management and co-coordinating response actions during an emergency situation. This is more so if the crisis occurs in a public place, crowded areas,

markets, railway stations, offices, hotels etc. The central control room staff can use PA systems effectively for conveying instructions on emergency and evacuation procedures that need to be followed.

They are important for crowd management and aid in directing people to safety. PA systems can also be used for addressing entire workforce / visitors simultaneously or for delivering centralized piped

background music or for any other purpose

Components of a typical PA system are:

• Microphone with Zone Selector

• Amplifiers, Routers, Controllers

• Background Music System (BGM)

• Loudspeakers – Wall mounted, Ceiling mounted, Horn type, etc.

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